CO2 Carboxy system for 50 professional treatments – Only 180€
Treatment (with CO2 Gel) for face and body

Why should you invest in this system?
✅Fast results
✅Cost-effective in purchase
✅Fast profit
✅Easy and fast application

❓How do you use the carboxy system?
1. Clean the skin
2. Apply CO2 gel
3. Place CO2 paper on the gel-covered areas
4. Lightly press CO2 paper -> You can hear it sizzling
5. Wrap the treatment area with foly
6. Leave for 20 minutes
7. Remove all residues
8. Apply the moisturizer after-care products included in the kit

❓Who is suitable for this therapy?
As a rule, the carboxytherapy is suitable for almost all skin types. Pores, blemishes, acne and on the body stretch marks and cellulite.
From our experience the treatment is not for thin, sensitive skin.

How does the Carboxy work?
The Carboxy is used for the regeneration of the skin.

What does a kit cost?
The complete set costs € 180 and is only available to beauticians

❓How do I order?
In our online shop, the product is not available, please contact our service by e-mail on to order.